Arizona Battery for Reading and Spelling (ABRS)Cactus

      Beeson, P.M. & Rising, K. (2010)

This 100-item list can be used to test single-word reading and spelling.

       - 80 words (40 regularly spelled; 40 irregular)

       - 20 nonwords

ABRS Reading List 1 [pdf]

ABRS Reading List 2 [pdf]

ABRS Spelling List 1 [pdf]

ABRS Spelling List 2 [pdf]

ABRS Nonwords Read and Spell [pdf]

Performance on the Arizona Battery for Reading and Spelling by a cohort of healthy adults (n = 34).  Mean age = 62 yrs (sd = 11); Mean education = 15 yrs. (sd = 2.8).

Assessment Materials

Relevant Literature regarding performance on the ABRS:


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Arizona Semantic Test

40-item test of semantic relations (picture-matching task)

shapeimageArizona Semantic Test [pdf]

Arizona Semantic Test [ ppt ]

Arizona Semantic Test Scoresheet [ pdf ]